AUST Rock Paper Scissors Champs – 2007 National Final Report & Results                  

2007 WORLD RPS results...The 2007 ‘World Rock Paper Scissor Championships’ (WRPSC) brought approx 1000 competitors and spectators from around the world to Toronto where  players competed for the prestigious title of World Champion. 

RPS 207

Andrea Farina (pic above), the first ever female RPS World Champ, from New York, USA won the 2007 WRPSC.  Farina beat approximately 500 competitors to take the World Champion title, $7,000 CDN and the gold medal.  Australia's representative, 'Balboa' placed in the top 32.

AUST Rock Paper Scissors Champs – 2007 National Final Report & Results

After months of gruelling, mind numbing, war of nerves competition the cream of Australia’s RPS players imploded at the 3rd annual 2007 ‘Australian Rock Paper Scissors Championships’ (ARPSC) National Final, Saturday 11th of August at' Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern’, Gold Coast, QLD. 

The final 16 players in the main event were made up of seven State & Territory finalists who qualified via respective qualifying rounds and nine wild cards that progressed via the Australian Qualifying round held earlier on in the day.

Only one player would concur this war of attrition and inturn claim the prestigious title & take home the major prize of a trip to Canada to attend & compete in 6th annual 2007 ‘World Rock Paper Scissor Championships’ (WRPSC) in Toronto, 13th October.

This player was none other then 2007 QLD Champ Ricky Sheahan aka ‘Balboa’ - pictured below. The 19 yoa left handed student from Brisbane played a game of courage and skill from start to finish. Calculated game play was Balboa’s strength as he battled his way to Australian RPS glory and folk law.



Ricky Sheahan aka ‘Balboa’ player profile:

Age: 19

Dominate Hand: L

Style: Methodical

Occupation: Student .



Balboa’s win was not easy and came down to the final game in the maximum fifth set of the fifth match. The tension in the main arena as ‘Balboa’ faced off against wild card qualifier Gold Coaster Michael ‘Kling’’ Klingensmih was extremely intense and was only matched by the very vocal & appreciative crowd. ‘Balboa’ clinched the title & RPS glory over ‘Kling’ with an extremely sharp pair of scissors!

Third place went to Aust Wildcard Qualifier 'Sharpie' from Western Australia with Fourth place going to South Australian RPS stalwart 'Dan the Man'.

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2007 ARPSC State/Territory Champ player profile;

QUEENSLAND (QLD) Champ: Ricky Sheahan aka ‘Balboa’

Age: 19

Dominate Hand: L

Style: Methodical

Occ: Student

NEW SOUTH WALES (NSW) Champ: Ineka Haneten.

Age: 20

Dominate Hand: R

Style: Mind reading.

Occupation: Diving Instructor.

AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY (ACT) Champ:  Dominic Cookman aka ‘The Backhand of Justice’.

Age: 22

Dominate Hand: R

Style: Takes no prisoners.

Occupation: Administration.

VICTORIA (VIC) Champ:  Michael Benson aka ‘Shooter’.

Age: 25

Dominate Hand: R

Style: Aggressive.

Occupation: Accountant.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA (SA) Champ:  Daniel Hoskin aka ‘Dan the Man’

Age: 21

Dominate Hand: R

Style: Aggressive

Occupation: Student

WESTERN AUSTRALIA (WA) Champ: Duarne Silvestri aka ‘Winston’.

Age: 18

Dominate Hand: R

Style: To Win.

Occupation: Storeman

NORTHERN TERRITORY (NT) Champ:  Mary Tiras aka ‘Mez’.

Age: 23

Dominate Hand: R

Style: Calculated

Occupation: Nurse                             

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