The 3rd Annual 2008 ‘NZ Rock Paper Scissors Championships’ (NZRPSC) report.

Mark 'The Monkey' Prictor is the newly crowned 2008 NZ RPS Champ!

Check out the TV3 story featuring 2008 NZ Champ, Mark Prictor.

'The Monkeys' stats:

Age: 18. 

Occupation: Student. 

Dominate Hand: Right. 

RPS Style: Preconceived.

'The Monkey' went onto to compete in the AUST/NZ Final, Gold Coast, 09/8/08 where he placed in the top 8.

The AUST/NZ Champion will go onto to compete in the 7th Annual ‘World Rock Paper Scissor Championships’ (WRPSC) in Toronto, Canada

2007 Christchurch & NZ National Champ ‘Cameron Blair’ aka ‘Cam’ aka ‘The Baby Faced Assassin', put his best hand forward at the World Champs managing a place in the top 16 - see report below.

Andrea Farina of Syracuse, NY became the 2007 World Rock Paper Scissors Champion & the first every female World Champ, after trumping fellow countryman David Arnold of Washington, DC with James Doolittle of Toronto coming in 3rd. This is the United States first ever Gold Medal placing since the World RPS Championships began in 2002.

An internationally renowned sport, the history of Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) is extremely rich.  RPS is also know as; Jenken or Jan Ken Pon (Japan), Roshambo (Southwestern U.S.), Shnik Shnak Shnuk (Germany), Ching Chong Chow (South Africa), Farggling (U.S.) & Scissors Paper Stone (United Kingdom).

RPS is a decision making game of wits, speed, dexterity and strategy between players who are unable to reach a decision using other means. The result of a match is considered a binding agreement between the players. In the case of professional or tournament play the decision is replaced by honour points toward a championship title.

NZRPSC competition rules are governed, maintained and approved by the World RPS Society (WRPSS) under the guidance and authority of the World RPS Steering Committee. 

For full 2008 NZRPSC details & other essential RPS info, please contact Kool Hanz Luke - NZRPSC Coordinator.  CELL#0061 417 706537

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